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Coil Suction 9.000 m³ / h

Independent Coil Suction
(int. patents pending)

New development of AFL Allgemeine Filter- und Lufttechnik GmbH – Wuppertal

Till today generally coil suctions are combined with the suction of stand of the rolling mill, i.e. the exhaust and suction stations need to be installed near the mill stand in order to avoid unnecessary loss in pressure and resistance in the suction pipes caused by large distances as these negatively influence the exhaust suction and require higher air volumes and pressure when designing the complete line.
With the here presented new design of an independent coil suction AFL GmbH Wuppertal is entering completely new ways and enables new perspectives in the design of rolling mill stands for the future.
Advantages for the application of independent coil suctions:
·  Off-Line positioning of coil – exhaust / - 
   suction station independent from mill stand
·  Lower air – volume and differential pressure in
   the design of fume exhaust lines
·  Cost-saving investment by lower power 
   consumption, omission of pipes
·  Smaller cross-sections of pipes and chimney 
   by reduction of total air requirement 
·  Easy retrofitting of existing lines, i.e. 
   installation in existing coil transportation 

·  Optional design for oil-fume or emulsion fume
·  Compact, space-saving design

Coil Suction 9.000 m³ / h

Technical features:

On top of the supporting construction there is a complete, movable coil – suction installed in compact design.
It consists of the following elements:

  • supporting construction with platform, handrail and ladder with safety cage
  • traveling unit  with gear motor drive
  • suction hood
  • compact electrostatic filter unit with built-on fan
  • electric command unit


Description of function of the complete coil suction:

After rolling the finished, evaporating coils are driven into the suction unit. This can be effected alternatively by means of lateral discharging from the coil transporting unit or the coil is lifted by crane into the suction unit.. The suction unit than receives a signal  from a contact maker to drive into the suction position atop of the coil. When the final position is reached, filter and fan will start running. The suction period can be determined alternatively via a cycle time automatically or by hand. In case of automatic working filter and fan will stop after the pre-selected time, than going back into the starting position waiting for the next coil. 

It is advisable to integrate the electric command into the main circuit of the mill stand or the transport system. For maintenance purposes the coil – suction is equipped with a separate electric command. 

At  choice the coil-suction can be equipped with a device for retrofitting of  flexible aprons.

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